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My boyfriend and I came here when I was recovering after being sick and it was so good! We both ordered the beef tofu soup and it was so delicious! I used to buy the BCD tofu packets from the store in college but this definitely tastes better!

They give you so many side dishes which we loved and ate them all up and they give you a small fried fish as well! Super nice and friendly staff here! And they even put water into our stone rice pots so we could eat it later.

We will definitely be back here to enjoy their food again!

-Rachel L

I went with a group of 6 and we decided to order family style. We got three of the entree combos (galbi, spicy chicken, and teriyaki chicken) and seafood pancake.

The meats were all high quality (can tell a difference between this and something like Red Palace). I liked the spicy chicken more than the teriyaki. The teriyaki was too salty for me. The short ribs were super tender and flavorful, fatty of course. The fried onions too were bomb! They gave us a lot of sides, the kimchi is the best kimchi I’ve had in awhile. It was more on the sweet side and didn’t have that over powering vinegar taste when compared to a jarred kimchi.

The seafood pancake was crispy and delicious. I would definitely order it again but to share cause it’s huuuuge haha! It came out to be $120 for everything not bad for a party of 6! The customer service was nice too!

-Lisa N.

I love that all the regular entrees all come with Soon tofu soup and of your choice! My daughter loved their bulgogi, it was moist and full of flavor. I enjoyed their Mackerel along with the complimentary banchan, side dishes included pickled veggies and Kim chee. The staff was great, saw we were out of Kim chee and immediately asked if we wanted more. We’ll most definitely be back.

-Tracy D

Super friendly service, that is maybe a little too eager to get your order. We were asked within seconds of sitting down what we would like to order and again literally 2 minutes later.

Being our first time here, we had no idea that the meal comes with a choice of tofu soup. We both ordered the seafood tofu soup and adjusted the spiciness level.

Pleasantly surprised by the number of banchan with unlimited refills, it went well with the heat and spiciness of the food.

The spicy pork was delicious and worth a reorder.
Prices for lunch are about 3 dollars cheaper than dinner.

Definitely worth a try!

-Yvette M.

We came to BCD Tofu house since the weather has been cold lately and my friend wanted some tofu soup.

My friends ordered different variations of the tofu soup, but I got the E8 Hot Stone Bibimbap, with Beef. All of the orders came with your typical standard side dishes and a piece of fried fish.

To their credit, the service was very fast. My Beef Hot Stone Bibimbap came in a hot stone pot so the rice was kept warm. The vegetables were really fresh and I like how there was a good variety. I mixed up the entree and I like how there were crispy rice pieces as a contrasting texture. My friends all seemed to enjoy their meals as well.

Overall a good meal. The Bibimbop was good and reminded me of food served on Kim’s convenience from Netflix. The service was quick and efficient but there is a language barrier since the staff mainly spoke Korean so you’ll have to rely on your nonverbal skills like pointing to the items you want on the menu.

-Kevin I

This place is a Korean safe haven.

Given that it’s a large chain, you would think that the food here would not be able to give you the nostalgic feeling of a Korean childhood filled with Korean food cooked by Korean ahjummas. WRONG!!! The food here honestly tastes like it was cooked by a 50 year old ajumma hustling and bustling around in her kitchen and preparing dinner for her 3 kids while they’re in school.

In other words, korean food here is LEGIT and delicious. All the side dishes are even good — honorable mention for the cucumber kimchi. I could eat 10 plates of the tiny portion by myself.

I’ve tried the seafood pancake, galbi, raw seasoned crab & the tofu soup here and they are all phenomenal. Honestly the food here is beyond comforting and I know that if I ever get heartbroken BCD is the first place I’ll go, crying over a bowl of sizzling hot soondooboo.

-Ashley K.

4 stars for solid food and service

Time arrived: 6pm Friday night with 1 guest
Service: took our orders within 3 minutes
Food arrived within 7-10 minutes, side dishes came out first – great variety

Bulgogi hot stone with glass noodles – was a lot more meat than I expected, pleasantly surprised
Galbi BBQ Short Ribs – amazing marinated flavor
Side dishes – a bit spicier than I would have liked, but the fish was a nice touch
Rich – they ask if you want water in the rice after to help you scrape it off the hot stone that it comes in

-A solid Korean location that is NOT AYCE, but 2 entrees (bulgogi hot stone and Galbi BBQ short ribs) were sufficiently filling and it didn’t leave me wanting KBBQ AYCE.
-Prices are about $20 an entree.
-Would recommend return every 4-7 months for a non-AYCE Korean experience.

-Victor W